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<< Does the Zaku II there (Dombarnon) have a different paint scheme from the
 original? (can't find pics of it...)
Nah it seems to be the standard green for the MS-06 but the MS-05 is Black

 Are there any future 1/100 releases in the series? (I'm looking forward to a
 Turn X 1/100)

Well I thought there was a picture of a 1/100 FLAT at one of the Hobby Trade
 What did Syd Mead exactly contribute to the designs of the series? He
 designed Turn A but did he design the rest like the Kapool, Flat or Sumo? >>

The Kapool was from ZZ Gundam so he didn't do that. Hdid the Turn A, the
Sumo, the Turn X, the FLAT, the WaDome, the Waddo, and the Rib I think.


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