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Please, -email me privately and we can work something out, I would love to
get some of these! Thank you very much! I hope to hear from you soon.
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Date: Friday, December 10, 1999 11:54 PM
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>I have an issue of Newtype with the Macross 7 designs as a feature. I can
>scan them for you...
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>Subject: [gundam] {OT} Figures and art
>I realize this is wayyyyyyyyyy off topic, but I don't have any other place
>to turn. Does anyone on the list know where I can find good sources of
>art for Macross 7 and Dynamite 7, and if the beast exists, a supposed
>series that no one has seemed to have heard of Macross 7 Fleet of Strongest
>Women OVA??? I am looking for the powersuits, mecha and Valkyries. Some one
>said once there is a book that covers all the mecha, including interim
>designs not seen on screen. (The book is supposed to be similar to the
>Gundam Entertainment Bibles, if anyone could tell me if the book is
>available, where I can get it, or if you could pick it up for me, I will
>a finders fee.)
>Actually if anyone knows of a good source of EB's, especially Lgaim, SPT
>Layzner, and the Gundam ships book, let me know.
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