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Sat, 11 Dec 1999 05:24:20 -0800 (PST)

uhhhhrmm...i'm right smack in the hemisphere of
piracy, so i'll not say anything on the subject. :P

--- -Z- <Z@Gundam.Com> wrote:
>For a
> truly horrific experience, compare the dialogue of
> the dubbed Gundam
> trilogy to that of the subtitled -- what WERE they
> thinking?

ok, i have the subtitled versions (and man, how my
eyes hurt reading subtitles!) of the trilogy. were
they an accurate translation? what's the consensus on
the dubbed trilogy?

as an aside -- should i be taken in by protoculture
addicts' often-glowing-and-never-scathing reviews?
they gave a lot of thumbs up to a lot of dubbed gundam
shows. i rarely see protoculture addicts criticizing
anything anime. even when they do, they still manage
to eke out 2 stars for the rating.
> In short, don't depend on any translation, however
> faithful, conveying the
> full and true story. That's why we pester our
> bilingual members to explain
> so much, so often -- the Truth may be Out There, but
> you have to go
> searching for it. It will not come to you on its
> own.

*hangs head in shame*

i'm chinese (as can be told from my email handle -- no
funny comments please -- and last name), but i am
almost illiterate in writing and reading chinese (as
are many of my generation of expatriates). i only
speak it. english is so much easier to learn (i can
feel my ancestors turning in their graves) and is
widely spoken, so why hasn't ban dai been kicking out
gundams in english? :(

- garrick
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