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> Take it with a grain of salt...
> - price is 20,000 yen (YIKES!)

Holy _____, Batman! At least it gives more bang for your buck than a Garage
kit... ;)

> - lots of lights - besides the eyes, there are also light-up parts
> located in the limbs, etc.

They did this for the PG Eva. Light up parts for the side shoulders
initially. BUT you have to modify the electrical wires to make the eyes and
the central engine light up (you also have to scratchbuild a lightball for
the central engine).

It is a possibility (I wonder where the battery pack will go though) - and I
really believe that they would include it if a PG Zeta Gundam came out.

> - beam rifle has moving parts, but no mega launcher

Maybe in an add-on pack then...

I really believe that it's a possibility though - but I dunno if it'll be up
to par with the PG Gundam RX-78-2 or the PG Zakus.



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