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On Fri, 10 Dec 1999 23:11:59 -0700 Richard Holman <> wrote:
>I realize this is wayyyyyyyyyy off topic, but I don't have any other =
>place to turn. Does anyone on the list know where I can find good =
>sources of mecha art for Macross 7 and Dynamite 7, and if the beast =
>exists, a supposed futher series that no one has seemed to have heard of =
>Macross 7 Fleet of Strongest Women OVA??? I am looking for the =
>powersuits, mecha and Valkyries. Some one said once there is a book that =
>covers all the mecha, including interim designs not seen on screen. (The =
>book is supposed to be similar to the Gundam Entertainment Bibles, if =
>anyone could tell me if the book is available, where I can get it, or if =
>you could pick it up for me, I will pay a finders fee.)
>Actually if anyone knows of a good source of EB's, especially Lgaim, SPT =
>Layzner, and the Gundam ships book, let me know.

You can get alot of what you want from an issue or two of This is Animation Special Macross 7. I have the first one and it has most of the fleet ships and mecha seen in approximately the first 20 episodes or so of the series (only Basara's VF-19 though, none of the other Sound Force Valks). I'm pretty sure they have at least one more out, but I don't have it. Another source you might consider is Mediax Mook 53, the design/artbook for the Macross VF-X game. It has some design sketches for the VF-4 and the Stealth Carrier, as well as game specific mecha. I had to either special order these books from a local store or find them at a con, so I'm not sure where you might go, but I highly recommend the TIAS books as they often contain early design sketches for some of the mecha.

You can also go to these pages for some pics and info if you can't find the books:

Both are set up to translate Macross into RPG format, but the background and pics are taken from actual sourcebooks.

As for the Fleet of the Strongest Women, it and 2 other 30 minute OVAs were episodes of the series that never got aired (to make it a full 52 episodes long) and were later released seperately. Actually, it is just as well that Fleet of the Strongest Women didn't make the series. It would be kinda hard to explain what happened to an entire fleet of Meltrandi after Basara "convinced" them to join humanity. Although I suppose they could have been ordered to the nearest UN Spacy base...

Macross 7 is a great series as long as you can get over the fact that some of the mecha are piloted using guitars. But hey, at least they don't have mecha that look like mastadons or windmills like some other series have been known to have (ok, I'll hold off full judgement of G Gundam until I've seen some of the series). Great music too. I have 14 Macross CDs (well, 16 if you count Macross the Complete collection as three seperate CDs), 8 of which are from Macross 7.


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