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>Pardon me for asking, but what are moveable frames?

During the One Year War, the Zeon used monocoque construction for their MS
-- the MS was held together by it's armor shell, much like an insect's
exoskeleton. The Federation used a semi-monocoque technique, building
their MS around a framework reinforced by the armor plating, somewhat like
the Statue of Liberty, which is made of copper sheets over a wrought-iron
frame. Some of the armor may be taken off, while other parts may not,
because some armor sections are load-bearing.

The movable frame is a fully-articulated skeleton with a skin of
armor. Strip off all the armor and you'd still have a functional MS. In
fact, the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki isn't even fully armored -- you can see
parts of the movable frame in the calves, which are completely open.


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