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>I know I am new to this list, but yea, I thought that was weird too...
>I am not sure the actual legality of fansubs when there are no licenses
>owned for distribution in the USA. But he's got a point, I think many of
>you have relied on fansubs to get into Gundam.

Be that as it may, you can discuss it to your heart's content in private
E-mail, which you can even encrypt to keep it private. This is an open
list and its owner can be held liable for its content. So, while we will
note that fan subs do indeed exist and are readily available on the
Internet, we don't say where, as that might be construed as advocating,
aiding or abetting.

>Moreover, if people had
>access to other Gundam titles, there would be more of a market when the
>other series officially comes out.

Prove it. Show me the money. Unless and until you can back that statement
up with some hard facts, it's at best just your opinion and at worst
nothing more than the rationalization of someone in possession of illegal
fan subs. (^_^);;

>Anyway, I am just really disappointed how little Gundam is available in
>this country...I basically sit and look at my unbuilt kits and wonder what
>the story is really about?!

The problem is that you might be just as confused about the story if all
you have is a bad translation or, worse, something totally made up by the
people who produced the English version. Many fan subs are very poor
translations -- I saw one of a ZZ episode in which the word "Gundam" was
used in place of "mobile suit" so that every MS was called a Gundam. For a
truly horrific experience, compare the dialogue of the dubbed Gundam
trilogy to that of the subtitled -- what WERE they thinking?

In short, don't depend on any translation, however faithful, conveying the
full and true story. That's why we pester our bilingual members to explain
so much, so often -- the Truth may be Out There, but you have to go
searching for it. It will not come to you on its own.


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