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>BTW, anyone else notice how almost evil, or at least callous, most of the
>Feddie troops seemed in F91? There were like 4 or 5 instances in just the
>first hour of the movie of Fed commanders wanting to use children as shields
>or troops. Not to mention the all the attacks on the colony itself using
>warship cannons. Granted the Crossbone Vanguard wasn't much better most of
>the time.

This reflects one of Tomino's basic philosophies, which is that ALL
governments are essentially self-serving, if not outright corrupt.

The way that the Federation uses the White Base and its juvenile crew in
the original series doesn't exactly reflect great credit upon it. Zeon is
worse only because it's the aggressor, not because the system is inherently
worse, although its aggressiveness gives more opportunity to self-serving
people than a more pacifistic system might.

In a Tomino story, both sides of a conflict have valid arguments for doing
what they do and there are heroes and villains (or, if you prefer,
honorable and dishonorable people) on both sides. Of course, even the
worst people have their good moments and vice versa -- another hallmark of
Tomino stories.

One of the things I liked about the non-Tomino OVA Gundam 0080 was that it
made a similar point, showing the softer side of even the likes of Garcia
and Mischa, while showing as much Byzantine intrigue on the Federation (and
"neutral" Side 6) side as on the Zeon side.


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