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>I have a stupid question
>Why is the mention of Fan-subs so hush hush on this list? I mean let's
face it
>that's the way that some of us got into Gundam in the first place! I will
>to having FAN-SUBS of Gundam.
>So what's the major malfunction here?

The problem is that the owner of the mailing list can be held liable if the
messages on the list can be construed as advocating, aiding or abetting
illegal activity. Fan subs are de facto and prima facie illegal because,
by definition, the purveyors do not have license to their product.

Profit, or lack of same, is not at issue. Non-profit fan subs are just as
illegal as true piracy. Lack of profit is only a mitigating circumstance,
but failure to comply to a cease and desist order removes that mitigation.

Discussion of fan subs on the list is deprecated because it puts the list
at risk of closure due to "illicit" content.

All clear now?


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