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> Does the Zaku II there (Dombarnon) have a different paint scheme from the
> original? (can't find pics of it...)

Nope, same paint scheme. Here's a site that has summary and pics from each
episode. The address is:

Click on the Turn A picture to enter the Turn A section of the site.

> Are there any future 1/100 releases in the series? (I'm looking forward to
> Turn X 1/100)

I do not know. Bandai always seems to release more 1/144s for a Gundam
series, then 1/100s, at first, then more 1/100 kits are released, once they
release all the 1/144ths for a series. There's 1/00 Turn A and Sumo, so I
assume we'll get a 1/100 Turn X. I hope some of the others also get the 1/00

> What did Syd Mead exactly contribute to the designs of the series? He
> designed Turn A but did he design the rest like the Kapool, Flat or Sumo?

Good question, I have wondered this, too. I think he did the Sumo. I wonder
if/when will Turn A get a US release? Turn A makes sense for a US release,
because an american designed the Turn A Gundam, the main robot.


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