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>You'd be surprised. Bandai's Gundam software used to run on PCs until
>the Gundam Shop CD-ROMs came out. They require Japanese windows to run.
>Fortunately if you have a Mac the Mac version will run on a U.S. machine
>without the need to install a Japanese OS.
>I have the Mac version of Pro for Mac and used to have the PC version of
>Lite. The user interface is totally difference. Lite's interface is more
>GUI-like and extremely easy to use (but appears more limited, too), while
>the Pro version is less intuitive with its interface, and you definitely
>need to be able to read the manual to know what each icon stands for.
>The Lite version also comes with less 3D models - you get the popular
>mobile suits, but not a complete collection of all the ships, vehicles,
>etc. that the Pro version gives you.

Well, I can come up with a copy of Japanese windows, so that's no biggie (I
wonder if it would run on NT?). Next question, does the software actually
contain a modeler, or just models to play with? Does it contain component
pieces with which one could 'kitbash' suits, or just complete suits? How
about the texture maps, are they seperate/replaceable/customizable files in
some reasonable format (.tif, .jpg, bmp, etc..)? Do the suits have
kinematics set up (non 3d geek translation: are they articulated)? I could
think of a million more, of course, but these are my pressing questions. :)

Peter Savin

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