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Spoilers for Victory Gundam ahead.

In Victory Gundam, when the small Federation/League Millitare task force
launch the sneak attack on the battle station Kairas Giri from Hiland Solar
Power Array installation, they use 2 tricks. One, they will toll mothballed
cruisers and using them as shield for actual task force ships and for battle
ram. Two, they realigned the microwave power transmitter of the Solar Power
Array towards Kairas Giri and make everyone there sick to their stomach.
Now on the microwave trick, it kind of surprised me that they didn't fried
anyone in the process. Microwave power transmission is part of the
specification from '70s speculation books such as Higher Frontier (basis for
most of Gundam world building). The idea is to build very large solar power
array and transmit the resulting electricity back to Earth in microwave to
cut down on inherit power attenuation loss. As such, the microwave would
have to be pretty powerful... (This reminds me of the original intent of
Radar. It was designed to fried the crew of enemy air craft, clearly
inspired by Buck Roger death ray, but the signal just keep bouncing back
from the test plane, to such extend that they realized the original intent
won't work, but they have discover Radar effect none the less). Tashiro
Vargo was blamed for the loss of the battle station, and was about to be
executed for this loss. Now how much of it was his fault? The only thing I
can think of is that he failed to broadcast Minovsky Particle in combat
density right away. The I-Field effect will certainly dampen the effect
that the Microwave is having on the station, and make their response much
more effective.

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