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>now i've got to ask: why are some kits molded in this color? did
>something go wrong in bandai? or they really aren't able to mold a perfect
>white with plastic back then?
>Companies knew how to make white back then, it just didn't matter because
>most people who bought these kits were model builders who painted the kits
>anyways. But now with the new process of truer color matching and snap
>building, Bandai is able to open the market to non-model builders as well.
> These are just my thoughts on this.

Many many older anime kits were molded in this horrible green (though not
too many of the Gundam kits). I used to build alot of Macross stuff, and
nearly all of the smaller kits were molded in this color. I think the
plastic was cheaper. This is probably the 'default' color for a particular
type of plastic, and adding the color beads would cost extra. I remember
having trouble painting over it as well, which turned out to be mold
release. Make sure to wash your parts thoroughly before painting. :)

Peter Savin

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