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>You also have to understand that local voiceactors are paid so little per
>dubbing session. To give figures - around P250 - P750 a session.
>That's slave wages. Plus the fact the only really experienced Seiyuu are
>with Telesuccess - the talent isn't that spread out to begin with.

Well, I am aware of that aspect of their work, but the good voice-actors
still do a great job in spite of it.

>You'll notice quality when you hear it. Dada Carlos is the veteran female
>seiyuu here - she started out as Annie in Shaider and has gone on to become
>the voices of several anime - including Voltes (tagalog), Yu-Yu Hakushu (I
>think she played several females there) and (I think) Fujiko of Lupin III.
>Compare her performance with other series and you'll notice differences in
>intonation and use of language. She usually has to deviate from the script
>often - which is a requirement for the job - not often done by Channel 2.
I know Dada personally. I work with her and she's a friend of mine. She
has told me about the difficulties involved in the dubbing of anime. Some
series don't even provide a script to work with, so they have to ad-lib the
whole thing based on what they see. And as you may have heard, Dada is
very good at it. On an episode of Flame of Recca, I caught her doing 4
different characters which she flawlessly got away with by simply changing
inflections. One, she simply voiced in a falsetto. She has also related
how little they get paid, but they like what they do, so they do it very
well (her group at least).

>Hey, give our Seiyuu some degree of respect. They're paid so low - and most
>of the veterans like Joonie Gamboa (Dr. Smith of Voltes V in English) and
>Noel Mallongca (Big Bert) are too expensive to hire anymore as voice
Well, my beef simply stems from a need to see and hear good quality. After
all, that's why I would prefer a dub over a sub. My criticism was out of a
desire to receive an improved finished product. The seiyuu have my
respect, I hope they don't mind a little rating on their performance.

>Hope this sheds light on the issue...


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