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>uhm,'s not really fair to blame the voice
>actors when translations are the problem.

OK, I specifically say now that I am not blaming them, I'm blaming whoever
is writing the translations.

>that said, i think the voice actors (of gma,
>specifically?) did a very good job. certainly better
>than the tagalog evangelion. and even more, when you
>compare it to the tagalog dubbing of transformers and
>gijoe (currently showing at channel 5).

In my line of work as a voice talent, I can't help but expect a certain
standard from such. I apologize for my abrasiveness, but have you ever
watched Akazukin Cha-cha on Cartoon Network? Man, now that is fantastic
dubbing! Whether or not it's accurate translating, the dialogue is well
matched with the animated story, and the voice-acting is excellent. Did
you know the dubbing is done by Filipinos?

>while "hangal!" (fool) and "tikman mo to!" (take
>this!) and "kainin mo to!" (eat this!) and such
>literal phrases abound in g gundam (and ultraman, and
>ghost fighter, and everything else translated), that's
>something we're going to have to grin and bear.
>they're not half as bad as "kinidlatang sandata ng
>kamatayan" (lightning weapon of death) for voltes v's
>"laser sword". :P

What's wrong with asking for a little more creativity?

>the dialogue is not that senseless, but more
>complicated than it needs to be. true, and not
>literal translation of dialogues (and not just the
>macho phrases) is something that the translators may,
>hopefully, get the hang of.
Well, I'll keep my toes crossed on that thought.


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