garrick lee (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 06:54:00 -0800 (PST)

> I've been hearing about the NGE stuff for the past
> four months, and at the same
> time I've been hearing about the Escaflowne stuff
> too...don't be too surprised
> to see that one come out. as for gundam, my running
> bet would be either Zeta,
> ZZ, or Stardust. But, I've also heard from some
> little mice (LOL) that they
> might actually start the UC off CHRONOLOGICALLY.
> that would be....unprecedented.
> and then there is also the the rumor that X (EEK)
> will be shown before all
> this. meybe they'll finish of all the alternate
> stuff first....

care to reveal thine sources, richie? :)

for the pinoys, does anyone on this list have any
influence at all on what channel 7 will show? (ok,
that's having our cake and wanting to eat it too, but
we can always hope...)

gundam x might be shown. but that'll have to wait
until g gundam runs its course. it's only on it's
first rerun. guess they're buying time to do all the
dubbing they can (if the rumors are true).

> BTW, to all FIlipino GMLers, sorry I dropped out of
> cybersight, but the flu
> bug that's been going around knocked me out, while a
> lightning strike knocked
> out my modem and tcp/ip settings in my
> I have to get my comp fixed,
> and for teh moment, I am using my office
> server....sorry! we have to reset
> our gundam get together...unless you guys want it to
> be a pass-the-virus too,
> LOL! siguro early next week na lang.

ah, misery loves company! it's nice to hear i'm not
the only one under the weather (but since i, being the
immortal humbug, always get sick at christmas, the
point is moot :P)

reasonably speaking, we might have to push it back all
the way to next year (i'm going to try to make it to
ateneo next week, for anima anime's anime fair over
there, but i can't guarantee we'll all be meeting).
the holidays are fastly becoming family occasions and
class reunions.

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