garrick lee (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 06:45:05 -0800 (PST)

uhm,'s not really fair to blame the voice
actors when translations are the problem.

that said, i think the voice actors (of gma,
specifically?) did a very good job. certainly better
than the tagalog evangelion. and even more, when you
compare it to the tagalog dubbing of transformers and
gijoe (currently showing at channel 5).

while "hangal!" (fool) and "tikman mo to!" (take
this!) and "kainin mo to!" (eat this!) and such
literal phrases abound in g gundam (and ultraman, and
ghost fighter, and everything else translated), that's
something we're going to have to grin and bear.
they're not half as bad as "kinidlatang sandata ng
kamatayan" (lightning weapon of death) for voltes v's
"laser sword". :P

the dialogue is not that senseless, but more
complicated than it needs to be. true, and not
literal translation of dialogues (and not just the
macho phrases) is something that the translators may,
hopefully, get the hang of.


--- Kaworu Nagisa <> wrote:
> >Does anyone know about the people who dub G Gundam?
> I was freaking out for
> >awhile with what seemed to be senseless dialogue
> when someone on the ML
> >pointed out that the translation was literal. Do
> those guys actually think
> >Japanese grammar is the same as ours? Do they
> realize how ridiculous the
> >dubbing comes across. What's with some of the
> geeky and dweebish voices?
> >Can't find decent voice talents? That's hard to
> believe! And talk about a
> >lack of imagination! Can't they think of some
> other word to use aside from
> >"HANGAL!!!". I'd use that word to describe them.
> Pardon my bluntness, but
> >I personally know of a group of anime dubbers who
> have better scriptwriting
> >and superior voice-acting. They certainly don't
> come out sounding
> >"HANGAL!!!".
> >
> >P.S. How did G Gundam do in Japan?
> >
> >Joshua
> I don't know there, but here...
> "Master Asia!!"
> "Domon!!!"
> "Oriental Invincible! King's Blow! Breaking the
> sky!"
> "Nagliliyab ang Silangan!!!"
> Ha ha ha ha ha...! ^o^
> -Veilchen
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