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 I noticed that some people have seen other series like Z and ZZ etc.
 How? (if you speak Chinese or Japanese I can see that)
 I noticed that a lot of the other series is on VCD officially but only
 in Japanese or Chinese. Is there anyway to get translations? :-)!
Yeah, I was wondering if there are english Scripts or episode synopsis for Z
or ZZ. I mean I know the basic overall plotline from Mark's page, but there
are so many little things that aren't covered there. Once I did remember
seeing a Zeta site with individual summaries for each episode, but now I
can't remember whcih site it was.
I just ordered those ZZ VCDs that were on E-Bay and I'd like to have a little
idea as to what is going on in each episode. I wish that AV would just get
on with it and release Z and ZZ here already.


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