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I dunno who dubbed it. But it may be people working for the distributors
directly. Check the credits if you can. If it's Telesuccess (Voltes V, Lupin
III) then they're under their usual standards

I don't think it did any damage to the series though... It's still a hit
among kids.

You also have to understand that local voiceactors are paid so little per
dubbing session. To give figures - around P250 - P750 a session.

That's slave wages. Plus the fact the only really experienced Seiyuu are
with Telesuccess - the talent isn't that spread out to begin with.

You'll notice quality when you hear it. Dada Carlos is the veteran female
seiyuu here - she started out as Annie in Shaider and has gone on to become
the voices of several anime - including Voltes (tagalog), Yu-Yu Hakushu (I
think she played several females there) and (I think) Fujiko of Lupin III.

Compare her performance with other series and you'll notice differences in
intonation and use of language. She usually has to deviate from the script
often - which is a requirement for the job - not often done by Channel 2.

Hey, give our Seiyuu some degree of respect. They're paid so low - and most
of the veterans like Joonie Gamboa (Dr. Smith of Voltes V in English) and
Noel Mallongca (Big Bert) are too expensive to hire anymore as voice

Hope this sheds light on the issue...


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> >Does anyone know about the people who dub G Gundam? I was freaking out
> >awhile with what seemed to be senseless dialogue when someone on the ML
> >pointed out that the translation was literal. Do those guys actually
> >Japanese grammar is the same as ours? Do they realize how ridiculous the
> >dubbing comes across. What's with some of the geeky and dweebish voices?
> >Can't find decent voice talents? That's hard to believe! And talk about
> >lack of imagination! Can't they think of some other word to use aside
> >"HANGAL!!!". I'd use that word to describe them. Pardon my bluntness,
> >I personally know of a group of anime dubbers who have better
> >and superior voice-acting. They certainly don't come out sounding
> >"HANGAL!!!".
> >
> >P.S. How did G Gundam do in Japan?
> >
> >Joshua
> I don't know there, but here...
> "Master Asia!!"
> "Domon!!!"
> "Oriental Invincible! King's Blow! Breaking the sky!"
> "Nagliliyab ang Silangan!!!"
> Ha ha ha ha ha...! ^o^
> -Veilchen
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