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>I just noticed that two of my kits from Gundam Sentinel, the FAZZ and
>EX-S were molded in this light lime green plastic that was supposedly
>white. Are all of the kits from Sentinel and which ones from other
>series were also molded in those ugly colors? I had to do two coats of
>paint to effectively cover the color. And that EX-S huge...and
>back heavy, I had a headache trying to pose it in a way that won't look
>too funny without it falling down.

from what i've heard, most of the older kits are molded in that color.
"puke green", they call it.
it's a safe bet that most of the sentinel kits that should be in white are
in that "puke green" color.
sorry if it's not much help... the only kit i've seen from the box from
that series so far is the zplus which is primarilly gray.

the MG GM is also molded in a light green instead of white. although it's
more of "lime green" so it's more tolerable than some older kits.
the MG gp01's also not molded in a pure white color... sort of a "puke
green" with a little gray.

now i've got to ask: why are some kits molded in this color? did
something go wrong in bandai? or they really aren't able to mold a perfect
white with plastic back then?

-Maoie Estrella

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