Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 02:02:45 -0500

>> Apparently, Penpen's introduction was cut as
>> well...
>now THAT is a bummer! :\

 Not really... something was cut in that Misato bath scene, now that's what I call a bummer! =|

>i think evangelion's going to suffer more cuts than
>that, with more racier fan service in the latter
>episodes. but i hope they keep the
>toji-meets-asuka-on-the-aircraft-carrier scene.

 That would be interesting (I even saw a doujinshi of that part... guess what Touji did), but I don't really care about Asuka... episode 6 (or was it 5) is bound to have a few long cuts.

>the english dub seems better than the tagalog dub this
>time around. kensuke is more of a smartass in

 But it's better than the local english dubbing of DBZ and Voltes V here.

>regardless...did any of you who watched evangelion on
>local tv notice the time? on my clock, it began
>shortly after 5, and ended at 5:20. that's less than
>20 minutes of episode material INCLUDING commercial
>breaks. they didn't even bother airing the ending
>credits. does channel 2 do this all the time???


>the last time i caught rorouni kenshin, it was from 5:05
>to 5:20 WITH commercials. wtf??? that's a whole lot
>of butchering they're doing...and i'd rather they
>didn't air anything at all.

 As I've mentioned elsewhere before, it's not important to them whether you understand the story or not. What's important to them is the cash brought in by the commercials and of course, the ratings. Only the "real" anime fans care if the show is butchered... and since their target audience is the masses, particularly younger kids...

>> Don't you think a Chizuru shower scene with her
>> panties on would look kinda stupid?
>well, vielchen,...no matter how much i enjoy watching
>anime, i think shower scenes and nudity are kinda
>silly in the first place. :) i fail to understand how
>they contribute to the plot and story. then again,
>i'm not japanese, so there may be a lot i'm missing.
>all i can think of is fan service...

 I'm not Japanese, but I do understand why it is there.
Yes, it does not really contribute to the plot or anything, but it's the kind or liberty and realism that sets anime apart from it's sucky western counterparts.

>anyway...if our censors are practising any kind of
>censorship AT ALL, it sure is the most inconsistent.
>g gundam got away with a lot of mild peekaboo contents
>(sai pulling up rain's skirt,

I almost fainted upon realizing so, since I wasn't able to get a good view of it from the first airing. Call it one
heck of a bad luck... anyone have a screencap?

>and natasha swimming in the lake) on channel 7

 I don't really like Natasha... I wish Allenby was in that episode too =(

> and some fuzzy haired guy's
>butt gets diapered? (sexism i tell you...:P)

 Fuzzy haired guy?


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