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On Thu, 09 Dec 1999 23:33:34 -0500 Alex Sack <> wrote:
>...other Gundam series other than 0079,0080, and 0083?
>I noticed that some people have seen other series like Z and ZZ etc.
>How? (if you speak Chinese or Japanese I can see that)
>I noticed that a lot of the other series is on VCD officially but only
>in Japanese or Chinese. Is there anyway to get translations? :-)!
>P.S. Yearning for more Gundam!

Many of the series, or at least parts of them are available as fansubs from various anime clubs, private efforts, etc. For instance, I have 12 episodes of Zeta, the first 12 episodes of Gundam X and 10 episodes of 8th MS Team, as well as F91 and Char's Counterattack, all of which have been fansubbed. Some of these series have not been totally completed yet, as the group's funding ran out, etc, but many are still being fansubbed, at least until they become available commercially in America (if they have good common sense, otherwise they run into legal problems). The translations might not be exact, but at least you get a better idea of the story than you could just watching it in the original language (that is, if you don't have any grasp of Japanese). If you are interested, you can go to the Anime Turnpike ( ) and look in the link labeled fansubs. It has a large list of some of the fansub groups. Not all have Gundam, but if you look around I know you wil!
l find at least a few.

The fun part is trying to enjoy Japanese manga and books without understanding kanji. Oh well, at least you can get some small idea just from the pictures.


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