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I have thus far sampled 4 UC timeline TV show, and the reason why the
main character joined up to involved in fighting are somewhat varied...

Amuro Rey: Join up mainly to keep himself alive, Side 7 was under a
surprise attack. Later, when the Federation used White Base as a
grand decoy and field test bed, he really doesn't have much of a choice.

Camille Vidan: Join up to fight tyrany of Titans. Titan was
responsibled for the death of both of his parents.

Judo Ashita: Join up at first to make money, and for fun. Haven't
watch too much beyond episode 1 yet.

Usso Ebbing: Join up mainly to keep others from harms. If he doesn't
fight, his friends and other innocents will be killed.

Amuro basically mentally reduced his enemy into kill statistic, so he
doesn't have to imagined killing human. Usso seemed to go out of his
way not to kill enemy, and this has caused him quite a bit of problem.

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