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Hi are they going to show 0079 on cartoon net or just Wing ?

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> I've been hearing about the NGE stuff for the past four months, and at the
> time I've been hearing about the Escaflowne stuff too...don't be too
> to see that one come out. as for gundam, my running bet would be either
> ZZ, or Stardust. But, I've also heard from some little mice (LOL) that
> might actually start the UC off CHRONOLOGICALLY. that would
 Not really. They're going to show 0079 on the Cartoon Network. So I don't
 think we should take that off our minds yet... (we might be guinea pigs yet
> and then there is also the the rumor that X (EEK) will be shown before
> this. meybe they'll finish of all the alternate stuff first....
 I doubt it. X didn't have as much focus as G Gundam or Wing in terms of
 marketability. Useless to show it here - particularly since the toys haven't
 had a push to be sold. Unless of course Bandai wants to dump some excess
 inventory of their unsold X Gundam line.
 I just wish that Turn A would be the one to show up here. That would be
 awesome. Though I've heard the animation isn't as good as the other recent
 series. Among Non-Gundam stuff - I'd love to see Gasaraki make it to the
 airwaves here. Maybe Nadesico too, though I doubt if they'd recapture the
> while a lightning strike knocked
> out my modem and tcp/ip settings in my computer...
 Happened to me too. Get an AVR. Worth the investment.

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