Peter Savin (
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 18:38:54 -0800

> What are the differences between Gundam Virtual Modeler and Gundam
> Modeler Pro? This program requires Japanese Windows, doesn't? What can be
> done with this program? What is the cost and the trouble with for being
> to get it to run? I assume all I have to do is find and buy Japanese
> and Gundam Virtual Modeler and install Japanese Windows, then install GVM?
> Do I have to know any Japanese to use the GVM program? Is it worth the
> trouble of finding, then buying GVM?

I've been doing some Gundam 3d modeling myself, and was wondering the same
things. :) Also, does anyone know where to get this software? I've seen
some websites with pictures that I believe came from this program, and they
looked mighty nice (I'd like to try to hack into it and see if models or
textures can be extracted in some usable format).

BTW, I doubt you'd need Japanese windows, I run some Japanese software
without any trouble.

Peter Savin

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