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>> > c) Any other potential problems I should know about?
>>no real difficulties, but the construction takes a loooooong time.... the
>>level of parts is enormous.... if you've never built a mastergrade you
>>buy a MG first and then the PG..definitely not for the novice model builder
Actually all Bandai Models are all snap togethers so in fact any joe can pick
one up and build it and easily I might add. Its so simple except for the head
wiring. 1/144, now those are an art to build, well, that is. If you've ever
put together a LM model from gundam X or W, now those are fun to build but of
course more experience is needed.

I have been a model builder for quite a while now and I think if Gundam ever
got an american Rating it would be Skill 1. For a more Challenging build try
to pick up a Tamiya or Hasegawa model, now those They are so detailed but they
take very long to build and the only thing preventing me from buying those
are.... well... they're really boring except for the occasional cool car that
is ^_^...

And As for if you should buy a PG gundam the I would reccomend it... and if
you like, all the parts are molded in correct coloring to allow you skip
painting but if your a painter this makes it easier as well. Good luck on your

- Roger

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