Joshua (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 01:13:54 +0800

>regardless...did any of you who watched evangelion on
>local tv notice the time? on my clock, it began
>shortly after 5, and ended at 5:20. that's less than
>20 minutes of episode material INCLUDING commercial
>breaks. they didn't even bother airing the ending
>credits. does channel 2 do this all the time??? the
>last time i caught rorouni kenshin, it was from 5:05
>to 5:20 WITH commercials. wtf??? that's a whole lot
>of butchering they're doing...and i'd rather they
>didn't air anything at all.

Obviously, Channel 2 believes that clients come first before viewers.
Heck, because of commercial overload, they'll even cut their own live
shows (like Alas-singko y media). The hosts don't even get to end the show
formally, how STUPID is that? Well, apparently, Channel 2 executives must
be. Why do they even bother showing 2 seconds of Evengelion's end credits
if they're just gonna cut it?

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