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>Confirmed the cheap Lil's Futaba stuff. They are marked down around P400 to

>P500 cheaper.

hmmmm...interesting...they still have stuff around like that? that's not bad.
 Last time I checked, they had zip! maybe they looked in their stockroom again...

>Also: I've seen a fake Aestivalis boxed set of the three Girls mechs again.

>this time all three are packaged together in the big set. To see if it's
>fake - if the Nergal sign is on the lower right hand corner - it's fake. The

>original has it on the lower left hand side and the Bandai logo on the lower

>That's all..

That one's all over greenhills. Basically,you just look at photo resolution
on the box, and check for chinese characters, or that "Ben Di" logo, and that's
it. EXCEPT! I saw this Berga giros, I think (the black and purple one piloted
by the eyepatch guy) in f91 being sold for about 700 bucks in the middle of
the tiangge area of greenhills. As I had no money to spare, I had to literally
sob and sniff and walk away...
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