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>The changes in the dialogue though were noticeable... Kenshin should have
>said "your head will be next" after he broke Saitoh's blade for instance...

>Well, we should end this here as this is OT,

I've been hearing about the NGE stuff for the past four months, and at the same
time I've been hearing about the Escaflowne stuff too...don't be too surprised
to see that one come out. as for gundam, my running bet would be either Zeta,
ZZ, or Stardust. But, I've also heard from some little mice (LOL) that they
might actually start the UC off CHRONOLOGICALLY. that would be....unprecedented.
 and then there is also the the rumor that X (EEK) will be shown before all
this. meybe they'll finish of all the alternate stuff first....

BTW, to all FIlipino GMLers, sorry I dropped out of cybersight, but the flu
bug that's been going around knocked me out, while a lightning strike knocked
out my modem and tcp/ip settings in my I have to get my comp fixed,
and for teh moment, I am using my office server....sorry! we have to reset
our gundam get together...unless you guys want it to be a pass-the-virus too,
LOL! siguro early next week na lang.
"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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