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I've already been to Best. I just wanted to know how it looked like without
the crystal parts.

I'm more concerned with the panel lines and stuff. I think that's been
answered. The wear and tear thing is another issue. But I think I'll paint

Overall - I'm juggling between buying a bunch of kits from HLJ (particularly
the re-release of the Dougram line) or a PG Gundam or Zaku II. I'm trying to
complete my Aestivalis line-up of Nadesico already and am currently in the
finishing process of finishing the 3 0G set they have. I just found out that
they released a Black Salena though - $200 worth of resin - but I'm tempted.

My heart's not set yet until I get my paycheck...

cya around guys...


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> Yo!
> Best Toys at Virra Mall has both the PG Gundam and the PG
> Zaku on display, with the crystal parts thrown in.
> I think most of your questions will be answered if you see
> for yourself. A cursory glance wasn't enough for me, and I
> certainly liked what I saw. ^_^
> Hope this helps,
> ~benj
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