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>>Sorry, I thought that Ruroni Kenshin showed on 4:30 pm? Well I didn't
>>watching it - I've seen the Jupon Gitana arc already...
> One of the Juppon Gatana looked liked an EVA to me...

yup... that big guy, fuji, who hiko fought... watsuki (creator of rk)
admitted to having eva-00 influence him when he created fuji

<snip snip>
>>There were stuff that surprised me though... Did you see the Saitoh vs.
>>Battousai episode? The entire fight scene was shown along with the blood
>>gore... :)
> Why not? It's one of the best fight scenes in RK...

i didn't watch the tagalog version in channel 2, but IIRC, the one that was
shown in channel 23 had subtle cuts which you really don't notice unless
you watch the full jap version of it over and over again (like i did ^^;;;

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