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Hi guys!
someone told me that the MG ZZ is out in japan. can anyone confirm it?
it's also mentioned in

also, for you Pinoys, i'm taking Joshua's advise and might buy an extra
1/100 h-arms custom. i wrecked the two missile pods on the right leg of my
kit so i plan on taking those from the new kit i'll be buying.
now, my mom will go crazy if she sees i bought two kits of the same kind,
so i'm planning to sell the new kit i'll be buying (after getting them
missile pods that is).
anyone interested? please email me privately and we'll see what price we
can come up with it. if i buy the h-arms for 1,300 (like in the malls), i
might sell it for 1k then... but everything's negotiable =)

btw, how much are you selling the 1/100 h-arms, joshua? thanks!

-Maoie Estrella

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