garrick lee (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:44:52 -0800 (PST)

> Apparently, Penpen's introduction was cut as
> well...

now THAT is a bummer! :\

i think evangelion's going to suffer more cuts than
that, with more racier fan service in the latter
episodes. but i hope they keep the
toji-meets-asuka-on-the-aircraft-carrier scene.

the english dub seems better than the tagalog dub this
time around. kensuke is more of a smartass in

regardless...did any of you who watched evangelion on
local tv notice the time? on my clock, it began
shortly after 5, and ended at 5:20. that's less than
20 minutes of episode material INCLUDING commercial
breaks. they didn't even bother airing the ending
credits. does channel 2 do this all the time??? the
last time i caught rorouni kenshin, it was from 5:05
to 5:20 WITH commercials. wtf??? that's a whole lot
of butchering they're doing...and i'd rather they
didn't air anything at all.

> Don't you think a Chizuru shower scene with her
> panties on would look kinda stupid?

well, vielchen, matter how much i enjoy watching
anime, i think shower scenes and nudity are kinda
silly in the first place. :) i fail to understand how
they contribute to the plot and story. then again,
i'm not japanese, so there may be a lot i'm missing.
all i can think of is fan service...

anyway...if our censors are practising any kind of
censorship AT ALL, it sure is the most inconsistent.
g gundam got away with a lot of mild peekaboo contents
(sai pulling up rain's skirt, and natasha swimming in
the lake) on channel 7, and some fuzzy haired guy's
butt gets diapered? (sexism i tell you...:P)


ps. where's richie?? anyone heard from him? we wuz
supposed to meet up in hobby cafe...
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