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> I'm thinking of buying a PG Gundam soon. I'm pretty sure some of you have
> bought it already, but I would like to know your views on the thing.
> What most concerns me most is:
> a) Does it look good without glueing, puttying and sanding?
> I need to know if you still need to glue or putty it so the gaps won't
> I've looked at it from a shop that used the clear body parts as part of the
> display and it looks good with a very tight fit. But how does the general
> look come out when you put the normal parts over it without the glueing or
> sanding process?

the PG is engineered so that you don't have to do any puttying at all.... the
joints where pieces come together double as panel lines...... i didn't glue
the outer panels in... but i glued the endoskeleton together for added
sturdiness.... the only puttying I had to do at all was on the gun and the
hands if i remember correctly.

> b) Is it more of a toy or a model?
> The potential of this thing to be used either way looks good. But I need to
> know if there are tight parts or stuff I must know about should the Gundam
> suffer some wear and tear... Also, would changing between clear parts to
> normal parts consistently (depending on the taste of the owner) damage the
> Gundam in any way?

i painted mine and it looks wonderful..... a truly impressive model.... i've
seen other rx-78's built without painting and in my opinion it looks more
like a toy...depends on your preference really.... all the parts are molded
in the right colors so no painting is needed.... but painting will improve
the appearance ten-fold

> c) Any other potential problems I should know about?

no real difficulties, but the construction takes a loooooong time.... the
level of parts is enormous.... if you've never built a mastergrade you might
buy a MG first and then the PG..definitely not for the novice model builder
> d) What about the Zaku/Char Zaku?

dunno? but i've seen it and it looks a little easier to assemble than the
> Same questions as above...
> Thanks
> Fed

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