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>Subject: [gundam] Questions about PG Gundam...
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>I'm thinking of buying a PG Gundam soon. I'm pretty sure some of you have
>bought it already, but I would like to know your views on the thing.
>What most concerns me most is:
>a) Does it look good without glueing, puttying and sanding?

mine looks fine. the nice thing about the PG gundam is that some of the gaps
caused when the pieces go tpogether make really nice panel lines

>I need to know if you still need to glue or putty it so the gaps won't
>I've looked at it from a shop that used the clear body parts as part of the
>display and it looks good with a very tight fit. But how does the general
>look come out when you put the normal parts over it without the glueing or
>sanding process?
>b) Is it more of a toy or a model?

while it sure feels hevy like a toy. it is most defintly a model the
movement and posebility is insane but some of the joints (hips and sholders)
can get loose with repeated movement.

>The potential of this thing to be used either way looks good. But I need to
>know if there are tight parts or stuff I must know about should the Gundam
>suffer some wear and tear... Also, would changing between clear parts to
>normal parts consistently (depending on the taste of the owner) damage the
>Gundam in any way?

I owuln't think so besides wear on the plastic pins from taking it apart and
puttign it back to gether repeatedly

>c) Any other potential problems I should know about?

nothing special the only problemi had was wihtt he screws. I being
non-fluent in japanese had a tought time making sure i was using the correct
screws because the ony difference between some of the screws is color
(chrome vs matte black)

>d) What about the Zaku/Char Zaku?

don't have one yet couln't tell you

personally think that The PG is a great model simply for it's size and

>Same questions as above...
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