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Chien wrote:

> hmph... Thanks, but I shouldn't have led you (and Justin Palmer and
> others) to believe that it was as simple as I wrote. I didn't do a very
> good job of summarizing McCarthy's essay into 50 words or fewer. She
> traced the whole thing all the way back to 1960s shojo (for young girls)
> manga and anime. And it's not a simple case of censorship went awry, there
> was Japanese traditions (especially sexism), American occupation,
> different commercial interests, fan influence and even technology. So
> blame it on me if you want, but please don't attribute my over simplified
> version to her pen.

Don't worry I won't... ;) I'd like to read a copy of this essay though -
sounds interesting...

> Mostly you are right, but foreigners, after spending some time learning
> about the Japanese (pop) culture and history, are entitled to some
> opinions about Japan and her people. Each culture has her strength and
> weakness, and that's a very legitimate subject for discussion. The
> important thing is to keep an open mind and have the desire to learn more.

Everyone's entitled to an opinion. But strengths and weaknesses of culture
are hard to gauge - although you are right in saying that it has become a
very legitimate subject for discussion (i.e. Fukuyama's books) I personally
feel there is still so little to base strong opinions on.

Anyway, this is going way OT now so we should save this list for more
Gundam... :)


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