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Rodrick Su writes,

>I reaffirm my original position that Hizack is a POS. Even Titan
>pilot Yazzan Gable complain about its apparent uselessness.

  You betcha. No idea why this thing was even created, since it's pretty
much inferior to any postwar GM variant.

>Federation Force's Asshimar. Was cost the only reason they didn't
>field more of this? It's highly maneuverable inside atmosphere, and
>are reasonably powerful. Much better than GMII and Hizack that they
>seemed to be using.

  And it can fly in atmosphere; even the Gaplant can't do this for long
periods, since it doesn't have jet engines (its engines are rockets
intended for space use, which is why it always rides a Base Jabber). One
B-CLUB issue claimed that the Asshimar was eight times as expensive as a
regular mobile suit, which is pretty cheap for a transforming mobile
suit. Perhaps they stopped making them in favor of the Byarlant, which
can also fly in atmosphere.

>Someone mentioned that Marasai might be a pre-production Rick Dias
>that Anaheim Electronics just slap on a different shell to sell to

  The opposite, actually; it's a Hizack with a new exterior, made of
Gundarium Gamma (plus an improved generator). Its alternate model number
of MSA-002 (as per the kit manual) places it between the Type 100 and the

>I actually like the character of Jerid Messa... Sure he killed Camille's
>mother and Four, but from his POV, he wasn't out to do both.

  He kinda blew it by taunting Camille over the death of his mother...
sure he didn't kill her on purpose, but he didn't have to gloat. Then
again, who could resist the opportunity to pick on that little creep? :-)

  I do feel sorry for Maua, though. She gave her life so that Jerid could
carry out his destiny, which was ultimately just to be cannon fodder...

>In the Ranba Ral honorable enemy category, not surprisingly, the Zeta
>stand-in are both member of Federation Forces, but not Titan. Lyla
>Mira Lyla was trying to raise Jerid Messad's piloting skill, and
>doing her job. Braun Burtak, the first pilot of Asshimar was
>similarly just trying to carry out his lawful order from his
>Federation superior.

  Agreed on Lyla, but I dunno about Bran Brutarch... he just seems like a
standard thug. One sympathetic Titans character is the Alexandria
captain, Gady Kinze, who refuses to participate in the gas attacks on
civilian colonies.

>I noticed that when the Titan Garuda reached New Hong Kong, the pilot
>told the CO that he needed to get Federation approval before entering
>the city. Was the city supposed to be one of those designated area
>designed to preserve indigenous culture?

  Good question. I'll see if I can find out.

-- Mark

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