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I wrote:
> > post. For me, McCarthy's point is interesting, because until I read her,
> > ...

Federico Makabenta wrote:
> Cool though. I really like what you said. Although personally, the Japanese

hmph... Thanks, but I shouldn't have led you (and Justin Palmer and
others) to believe that it was as simple as I wrote. I didn't do a very
good job of summarizing McCarthy's essay into 50 words or fewer. She
traced the whole thing all the way back to 1960s shojo (for young girls)
manga and anime. And it's not a simple case of censorship went awry, there
was Japanese traditions (especially sexism), American occupation,
different commercial interests, fan influence and even technology. So
blame it on me if you want, but please don't attribute my over simplified
version to her pen.

> do have a very different idea of what sex is and what's proper with regards
> to it - so it's best for those with western sentiments to try to understand
> it without being to judgmental...

Mostly you are right, but foreigners, after spending some time learning
about the Japanese (pop) culture and history, are entitled to some
opinions about Japan and her people. Each culture has her strength and
weakness, and that's a very legitimate subject for discussion. The
important thing is to keep an open mind and have the desire to learn more.

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