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Wed, 8 Dec 1999 12:45:53 +0800

> What do you mean "after Rurouni Kenshin"? It replaced RK.

Sorry, I thought that Ruroni Kenshin showed on 4:30 pm? Well I didn't bother
watching it - I've seen the Jupon Gitana arc already...

> No noticeable cuts!? What do you call that part they omitted during
Misato was taking a bath while speaking to Ritsuko over the phone?

Did they? I can't remember. Haven't seen the series in such a long time (2
or so years in fact)

> By the way, they take too much freedom in cutting, even ordinary scenes,
just to give way to all their commercials and advertisements. I think they
could even show something like Urotsukidoji every afternoon and still get
away with it ^^;

LOL true true... :)

> Why do you always point out nudity and sex? B'tX and Zenki had some
occassional nudity, but they did get away with it didn't they? And remember
Ranma 1/2 on Ch.9? There was a certain part that they should've either
censored or cut, but didn't. (By the way, I'm still waiting for that Chizuru
shower scene in Combattler V... let see, 11 more episodes to go?)

Mainly because that's one of the main issues in deciding what anime comes on
the TV screen. In Ranma's case - there were delays in broadcasting it mainly
because of the assurances of cutting certain scenes which became a hassle in
the end. Ranma got so delayed in being broadcast on Channel 9 - that by the
time it came on - Ranma had died over. Evangelion also suffered because of
this I think. They came too late for an already old series that appealed to
those who already knew about it.

Ranma wasn't so simple to cut mainly because there were a lot of elements
that made it difficult to cut (Happosai the Panty Thief Ninja for one,
Shampoo's another) without making people scratch their heads as to what
happened. On a non-anime note - Etta Mendez cut the scene of the two people
making love on the porch on the Shakespeare film Much Ado About Nothing - a
crucial scene to understand why the lead didn't want the heroine. Good thing
she was booted out. I don't mind Armida - it's just the producers who abuse
the right...

> Hey, atleast it's not as bad as the way they mutilated Rurouni
Kenshin's... but it would have been great if they'll lessen the ads a bit
and complete the whole opening sequences. They have too many commercial
breaks... sometimes, I think that the commercials total to the real running
time of the show, and the show itself is as less frequent and short as
commercials should be.

There were stuff that surprised me though... Did you see the Saitoh vs.
Battousai episode? The entire fight scene was shown along with the blood and
gore... :)

> Hmm... I saw a few episodes of Macross 7 in a cable channel (I can't
remember which one). Of course, it was in a language foreign to me. But you
know what they do there?
> Instead of cutting out nude scenes, they sorta pixelize it. I think it
would be better if they do the same here.
> What do you think?

I don't think that would pass... the intention is still the same - there's
still the thought of nudity behind it. I like what they did to Dragonball
though... They put briefs on Goku via computer...



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