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Finished watching Zeta Gundam yesterday...

Some comments.

I reaffirm my original position that Hizack is a POS. Even Titan
pilot Yazzan Gable complain about its apparent uselessness.

My opinion of some mobile suits change when compare to seeing it in
action vs. looking at the picture and stats are:

Federation Force's Asshimar. Was cost the only reason they didn't
field more of this? It's highly maneuverable inside atmosphere, and
are reasonably powerful. Much better than GMII and Hizack that they
seemed to be using.

Someone mentioned that Marasai might be a pre-production Rick Dias
that Anaheim Electronics just slap on a different shell to sell to
Titans. Regardless, it is a major improvement over the Hizack.

I actually like the character of Jerid Messa. He is a perfect
anti-Camille. In the beginning of the show, he is a somewhat
inexperienced pilot with no combat experience. As the show progress,
he meets people who tried to mentor him into a better pilot (Camille
kill both of them). He falls in love (Camille killed her). At every
turn, Camille seemed to be conspire against him. Was he a Newtype?
At the end of the show, he was piloting Rozamia's Bound Doc, which is
sort of a scaled down Psycho Gundam, and would be extremely hard to
be pilot by a non-Newtype. Sure he killed Camille's mother and Four,
but from his POV, he wasn't out to do both. In the case of Camille's
mother, he thought he was triggering a experimental bomb, and in the
case of Four, he was just trying to kill Camille. You can almost
make a show from his POV and get a interesting show.

I supposed the Giren Zabi standin for the show honor would go to
Paptimus Scirocco, who aspired to create a Newtype lead empire
controlled by a Newtype woman with him controlling her. He almost
never directly get his hand dirty, instead use his power of
persuasion to convince others to do get their hands dirty.

I would place Haman Khan as a Char stand-in, even though we have
Char. Haman has Char's long range planning and scheming. She does
for this show what to some extend Char did politically for MS Gundam.
 Plus she is a very powerful Newtype pilot to boot.

In the Ranba Ral honorable enemy category, not surprisingly, the Zeta
stand-in are both member of Federation Forces, but not Titan. Lyla
Mira Lyla was trying to raise Jerid Messad's piloting skill, and
doing her job. Braun Burtak, the first pilot of Asshimar was
similarly just trying to carry out his lawful order from his
Federation superior.

I noticed that when the Titan Garuda reached New Hong Kong, the pilot
told the CO that he needed to get Federation approval before entering
the city. Was the city supposed to be one of those designated area
designed to preserve indigenous culture?

Well, my VCD of Gundam ZZ and V Gundam arrived today. More Gundam to

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