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>I wrote:
>> >LOL! So when Bright Noah was having sex with Mirai Yashima, he was really
>> >thinking about his mom? Wow, Eddie, where do you come up with this stuff?
>Justin Palmer wrote:
>> I believe its a fairly recognised, urm, er... term. Even other
>> anime have made fun of it, in the Urusei Yatsura movie Remember My Love,
>> Lum accuses another character of having a "mother" complex. Its a little
>> bit like Lolita syndrome.
>Yes, yes, I know OC is a recognized "term" (let's call it a "condition" :)
>And yes I know there actually exist people who actually "experience" this


>Nowadays, even pop psychologists stay away from Freud's more perverted
>ideas. Comic characters like Lum would joke about it, but that's about
>But then...
>Knowing what I know about Urusei, Lum wasn't talking about OC, she was
>most likely talking about "Mama's boy". There's a big difference between
>OC and Mama's boy, OC is, put it simply, sick, but Mama's boy is just a
>plain old shortcoming, no more sick than being, say, inane (HEH HEH HEH).
>There are very few men or boys who actually fantasize about sex with his
>mother, but there are a lot of Mama's boys, especially among otaku. The
>funny thing is Urusei is joking at the expense of some of its audience.
        I shouldn't have asked... ^_^ Guess I misunderstood a little bit
at first. And now I'm never going to able to look at that scene in quite
the same way again... ^_^

>[since you brought up Lolita Complex (Lolikon), I recently read something
>by Helen McCarthy who shed some very interesting light on Japanese
>fascination with underage girls, but that's pretty OT (actually I am sure
>some otakus have spent hours freeze-framing Lina Ashita and Puru II)]


        Thanks for the follow up comments, though. I'll have to save
them up for the next time censorship rears its head in a discussion...
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