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>No it won't. The fan base is too small to arouse any kind of controversy.
>But remember that Gainax has a tight grip on Evangelion - and has been known
>to use its muscle to enforce it too. I've heard of controversies between
>Gainax and the treatment of the show around Asia. ADV hasn't gotten the
>rights yet to the End of Evangelion movie - which kinda implies some
>friction between the two companies.

Actually, word of mouth from some of the people working for ADV, Gainax wanted as much for the movies as for an entire tv series or two. Therefore ADV would not buy it, unless the price went down. However, Manga did and they plan on releasing it in theaters and on tape and DVD. Also, they told me that they will be using the same voice actors and actresses for their dub that ADV used (apparently a deal was worked out between the companies). They are hoping to get the film out next year.


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