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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> > chest. Tomino and Yasuhiko went to some length to make her plain.
> Yeah, I know. But those are the types we fall for in real life sometimes...

Right, those of us who see beauty as being a bit more than skin-deep.

> Not a babe - but definitely one with depth and personality. I think
> that's her strength - it also appeals to our inner Bright Noah for
> some reason I can't explain...

Right on, and both Cameron and Sleggar can't handle her ideological and/or
career choice. They wanted a wife who stay at home and cook dinner. But
what do I know? In Z, that's just what Mirai did.

> But her character redesign in Char's was a bit disappointing too for reasons
> I can't explain either. They made her less plain and more flashy - which I
> felt was a disservice to her...

You know I can't even remember her in CCA :P (that shows how much I like
CCA) Maybe I should watch it again sometime within the next millenium.

> But when I say "babe" - I think mainly in physical appeal. Sayla is
> more outwardly appealing - even Frau Bow...

Hmmm... perhaps, maybe I am just not noticing "physical appeal" in anime

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