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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> These days, Freud is still used to explain sexual malfunction and to
> profile serial killers. I think much of Freud's data was gathered from

True enough. But that's accounting for a fraction of the deviants, which
is only, say, 0.1% of the general population. Anyway, way OT again.

> On the other hand, there have been many who've speculated that Otaku
> from the West like Japanese anime because they have hidden pedophilic
> tendencies.

Ugh more anime hating hogwash from people who've never seen anime. Some
of the anime fans in Toronto are pretty geeky, but pedophiles? OC? Geez!

> As for other asians - there are a lot of women around the size of Puru
> when they become adults anyway. So I think it may just be natural to
> like girls like that - we don't have an aggressive girl bunch here, so
> I think there's a fantasy or wish from anime fans for these women to
> be attracted to them without really trying.

Well Puru is an extreme (she's 10!). But talking about Lolikon in
general, it's pretty normal for males to fantasize about females of about
the same age group, but for grown men to freeze-frame Puru or Sailor Moon,
that's pretty screwed-up. Oh... but that's not the point actually, Helen
McCarthy's point is that the Puru nude scenes and Sailor Moon panty fetish
are not a result of Japanese audience demands, but a result of legalistic
fencing between the censors and the animators. The argument goes,
appearantly, that adult bodies are sexual, so you can't have Matilda in a
shower scene, but kid's bodies are not sexual, so you can have Kika and
gang running amok in the nude. So far so good. But the animators took
that and run with it and started doing suggestive scenes of bigger "kids"
such as Frau, Mirai and eventually Evengelion's Rei and Asuka. (I am not
saying Gundam was a bad offender, just straining very hard to keep it
on-topic :)

> There are cultural contexts within Japanese society to justify what
> McCarthy said. I think we may know some examples of it ourselves
> without stuffing this mailing list too much...

Ah sorry, my bad. I actually didn't say what McCarthy said in my last
post. For me, McCarthy's point is interesting, because until I read her,
I actually thought that there are a lot of perverts running around Japan
peeking up school girls' skirts. Now I understand that as more of a
result of censorship backfiring (blame it on the lawyers!).

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