Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:57:10 -0500

>wasn't Rorouni Kenshin replaced by NGE? Just when they decided to bring
>RK back it was suddenly put off the air again...damn...

 Don't worry, they'll probably replace B't X w/ it after the series ends...

>which reminds me, will they be cutting that scene where Shinji lands on
>top of a naked Rei? If so...that'll be a lot of screen time put into
>the trash bin...

 That was a nice part, I just wish it was Kaworu in Shinji's place back there. They'll probably cut it though.
No problem for them, they have lots of ads to make up for the lost screentime like they always do, no one would even notice it (unless of course you've seen an uncut version before).

>how cruel of ABS-CBN to butcher the opening song...I think I'll weep for
>it in one corner...

 Hey, atleast it's not as bad as the way they mutilated Rurouni Kenshin's... but it would have been great if they'll lessen the ads a bit and complete the whole opening sequences. They have too many commercial breaks... sometimes, I think that the commercials total to the real running time of the show, and the show itself is as less frequent and short as commercials should be.

>I'm hoping for that one too...even if it'll be aired weekly just to
>extend it's life...

 Hey, thirteen weeks ain't bad... it will run longer than a 26-episode series shown five days a week.

>Ok with me...at least I'll have another chance to laugh my ass off
>whenever they break out into a flashy song to defeat the Varauta and
>Protodevlin ^_^

 Hmm... I saw a few episodes of Macross 7 in a cable channel (I can't remember which one). Of course, it was in a language foreign to me. But you know what they do there?
Instead of cutting out nude scenes, they sorta pixelize it. I think it would be better if they do the same here.
What do you think?


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