Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:41:40 -0500

>> Pardon my ignorance, but what channel and time slot is it on?
>Sorry, it showed on Monday and Tuesday at 5:00 pm (kanina lang) after Ruroni
>Kenshin (Samurai X) at Channel 2.

 What do you mean "after Rurouni Kenshin"? It replaced RK.

>I think it will be every weekday from now on. But it will be finished
>quick - possibly by January at this rate... No noticeable cuts as of yet -

 No noticeable cuts!? What do you call that part they omitted during Misato was taking a bath while speaking to Ritsuko over the phone?

>but they did take away the naked Rei Ayanami at the end credits... So I
>think they're going to be extremely adverse to nudity of young girls (Sorry
>Veilchen... ;P)

 I'm not after nudity... besides, I like Rei, but not in the perverse way that you are thinking. My "friends'" sake comes before mine... in this case, I leave Rei to the man who's truly deserving of her; my pal Kaworu-kun ^_^

 By the way, they take too much freedom in cutting, even ordinary scenes, just to give way to all their commercials and advertisements. I think they could even show something like Urotsukidoji every afternoon and still get away with it ^^;

>Dumb ABS-CBN ... didn't even know how to market the series properly. Should
>have been a weekly and not jost fodder for the small kids to see "kewl"
>robots in - (actually the robots are kind of disturbing to see...).
>Evangelion's an event-type show - and should have major backing...

 Yup... they should have kept the opening sequence intact too. I mean, what's up with the mutilation of opening themes!? Remember what they did to Rurouni Kenshin's? ~_~

>I think this was just a deal to sell more toys for the distributors of
>Bandai here. I wonder if Gainax knows anything about this?

 Oh well... at least I'll get to see the series...

>There are rumors that another Gundam show might be showing up soon. I dunno
>which - but I doubt if it's going to be Turn A. An interview with the Bandai
>distributors might be more enlightening.

 I hope it's Z or ZZ... not Gundam X, please...

>My money is on Stardust Memories 0083. It has no nudity or sex - mecha only
>violence and spectacular effects. That show will spark the interest of new
>fans... Thirteen episodes only though - too bad...

 Why do you always point out nudity and sex? B'tX and Zenki had some occassional nudity, but they did get away with it didn't they? And remember Ranma 1/2 on Ch.9? There was a certain part that they should've either censored or cut, but didn't. (By the way, I'm still waiting for that Chizuru shower scene in Combattler V... let see, 11 more episodes to go?)

>Macross 7 has been on the rumor mill too. But I doubt if >it will make a showing here...

 Why not? There's a couple of scenes to be censored in Macross 7 though... but I hope they also censor every part where Basara sings that annoying "Power to the universe" song...


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