Joshua (
Tue, 07 Dec 1999 21:25:59 +0800

>sure, it's no prob =)
>uhmn... what's the name of the store?
>inventory of what you have?
>how do i order? how do i pay?
>and, i need some parts of one of my gundams that i wrecked. can i order
>just the parts? it's just one runner that i need...
>-Maoie Estrella
>"It doesn't matter what my signature file says!"
The store is still in the planning stage, but we already have the stock for
it. If you're interested in a particular model/s, just e-mail me
personally. I can give you details that way. I'm afraid I can't help you
about spare parts. I don't know of any that Bandai produces. May I
suggest you get a new kit and just keep the old one for parts?


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