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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> > Pardon my ignorance, but what channel and time slot is it on?
> Sorry, it showed on Monday and Tuesday at 5:00 pm (kanina lang) after Ruroni
> Kenshin (Samurai X) at Channel 2.

wasn't Rorouni Kenshin replaced by NGE? Just when they decided to bring
RK back it was suddenly put off the air again...damn...

> I think it will be every weekday from now on. But it will be finished
> quick - possibly by January at this rate... No noticeable cuts as of yet -
> but they did take away the naked Rei Ayanami at the end credits... So I
> think they're going to be extremely adverse to nudity of young girls (Sorry
> Veilchen... ;P)

which reminds me, will they be cutting that scene where Shinji lands on
top of a naked Rei? If so...that'll be a lot of screen time put into
the trash bin...

> Dumb ABS-CBN ... didn't even know how to market the series properly. Should
> have been a weekly and not jost fodder for the small kids to see "kewl"
> robots in - (actually the robots are kind of disturbing to see...).
> Evangelion's an event-type show - and should have major backing...
> I think this was just a deal to sell more toys for the distributors of
> Bandai here. I wonder if Gainax knows anything about this?

how cruel of ABS-CBN to butcher the opening song...I think I'll weep for
it in one corner...

> There are rumors that another Gundam show might be showing up soon. I dunno
> which - but I doubt if it's going to be Turn A. An interview with the Bandai
> distributors might be more enlightening.
> My money is on Stardust Memories 0083. It has no nudity or sex - mecha only
> violence and spectacular effects. That show will spark the interest of new
> fans... Thirteen episodes only though - too bad...

I'm hoping for that one too...even if it'll be aired weekly just to
extend it's life...

> Macross 7 has been on the rumor mill too. But I doubt if it will make a
> showing here...

Ok with me...at least I'll have another chance to laugh my ass off
whenever they break out into a flashy song to defeat the Varauta and
Protodevlin ^_^

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