Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:09:19 +0800

> To all Pinoy GMLers:
> Evangelion finally hit our local TV. I thought it'd never make it here. So
far, the dubbing's pretty much okay in the first episode. What I fear is
that it could arouse some controversies if it is dubbed/translated all too
accurately... wala lang...

No it won't. The fan base is too small to arouse any kind of controversy.
But remember that Gainax has a tight grip on Evangelion - and has been known
to use its muscle to enforce it too. I've heard of controversies between
Gainax and the treatment of the show around Asia. ADV hasn't gotten the
rights yet to the End of Evangelion movie - which kinda implies some
friction between the two companies.

Channel 2 subs are too literal and lack subtle nuances in character - that's
why their trans. of Tenchi sucks big time.

> By the way, the rumor about Evangelion was true after all... so does this
mean that we'll be having Escaflowne too?

Don't count on it. I heard about Evangelion 6 months prior to this - and
from accurate insider sources. But I haven't been in touch lately - so I'm
not too sure.

cya around


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