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>>> Oedipus... Oedipus... hmm... is he the hero of the epic Odessey? What
>>exactly is the "Oedipus complex"?
>>Oedipus is the lead of a Greek tragedy by Sophocles. He appears in two other
>>plays of his as well.
>>Anyway, Oedipus Complex is a Freudian psychology term describing an innate
>>sexual desire to mate with one's mom. In fact, Oedipus married his mom in
>>the play...
>>Hope that does it...
> That surely did... but for that reason alone, the said desire was named
>after Oedipus? Weren't the Greek gods the first to practice something like
>that? (at least in Greek Mythology that is...)

You're forgetting that this also applies to women as well, but with their
fathers. Yes, several greek gods were know to commit incest. Zeus
imprgnated several of his daughters.

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